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Taxonomic dictionaries and species catalogues

Since its early stages as part of the Snet stratigraphic database, TaxonConcept has evolved to a community open, web based system to store and retrieve taxonomic data with special emphasis on the creation of online taxonomic dictionaries and fossilum catalogus style species catalogues.
The system allows to store Open Nomenclature style synonymy lists and is therefore especially useful for paleontologists or geoscientists in general.

Open to the scientific community

Unlike any other taxonomic information systems, TaxonConcept now offers the possibility for interested researchers to manage their own taxonomic knowledge within the system online by using TC's backoffice web application after a free and simple registration.

Team and project support

TaxonConcept was designed to create project specific taxonomic fact sheets and catalogues. Each working group can create its own, team specific collection of taxonomic information which can serve for example as cruise or expedition work sheets, public outreach activities or as student training material. These catalogues can be presented online in project data portals, stored offline in pdf format or serve as setting copy for additional print editions.

Data security and access levels

All contributed taxonomic data can be protected in various levels of publicity: completey hidden to the public, open for other project members, open for any TC user and finally published on the web within the TC portal.

Advanced tools and features

Taxon concept offers many advanced features such as synonymy ranking or PDF export of Catalogue pages and much interesting tools to analyze the relations between taxa.

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