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Fusus regularis Sowerby 1846 from: Griffin, M..Nielsen, S.N.. (2008): A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
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Species Fusus regularis Sowerby 1846

Discussion / Comments:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
TYPE MATERIAL. Holotype of Fusus regularis?: NHM-G26414 (Navidad). REMARKS. Fusus subregularis d’Orbigny is a replacement name for Fusus regularis Sowerby, the type material of which is also the type material of Fusus subregularis (ICZN 1999, Art. 72.7). Fusus darwinianus was equally introduced as a replacement name for the same species by Philippi, obviously not having access to the work of d’Orbigny (1852). The “type material” of Philippi therefore has no type status (ICZN 1999, 72.2) even though it is labelled as such. Most specimens labeled as Fusus darwinianus in the Philippi Collection at the Museo Nacional in Santiago (Chile) are conspecific with Fusus subregularis. However, one of them (SGO.PI.554, Navidad) seems to belong to one of the other Penion species common at Navidad. Specimen SGO.PI.584 (Navidad) is labelled “lectotipo” (lectotype), SGO.PI.4533, SGO.PI.4534 and SGO.PI.4535 (all from Navidad) are labelled “paralectotipo” (paralectotype).
Synonym list:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
1846 Fusus regularis Sowerby. - Sowerby : p.258 pl. 4; fig. 55 (junior primary homonym of F. regularis Sowerby, 1823)
1852 Fusus nom. nov ? subregularis d'Orbigny. - d'Orbigny : p.69
1887 Fusus nom. nov darwinianus Philippi. - Philippi : p.41 pl. 2; fig. 7
1985 Siphonalia darwini Philippi. - Tavera et al. : pl. 2; fig. 10, 11, 14, 15
2001 Penion darwinianus Philippi. - Frassinetti : 82-83 fig. 12, 13
2008 Penion subregularis d'Orbigny. - Griffin & Nielsen : pl. 23; fig. 6-7
Was used in synonym list of:

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Griffin,M.. and Nielsen,S.N.. (2008):
A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology

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