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Oliva tumorifera Hupé 1854 from: Griffin, M..Nielsen, S.N.. (2008): A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
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Species Oliva tumorifera Hupé 1854

Discussion / Comments:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
TYPE MATERIAL. Holotype of Oliva claneophila housed unnumbered in the MNHN-BIMM, labeled Navidad; holotype of Oliva tumorifera housed in the Typothèque of the Laboratoire de Géologie under number MNHN-Gg2002/75. REMARKS. Olivancillaria claneophila is known from the earliest to late Miocene of southern Peru (DeVries & Frassinetti 2003) to Chiloé, southern Chile (Fleming in Watters & Fleming 1972; own data). This species has been revised recently by Nielsen (2004) and the reader is referred there for a more complete discussion.
Synonym list:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
1835 Olivancillaria claneophila Duclós. - Duclos : pl. 29; fig. 8, 9
1846 Oliva claneophila Duclós. - Duclos : p.31 pl. 31; fig. 8, 9
1854 Oliva tumorifera Hupé. - Hupé : 217-218 pl. 3; fig. 8
1887 Oliva tumorifera Hupé. - Philippi : p.68 pl. 8; fig. 9
1887 Oliva pyriformis Philippi. - Philippi : p.73 pl. 8; fig. 11
1887 Oliva lebuensis Philippi. - Philippi : p.73 pl. 8; fig. 13
1887 Oliva otaeguii Philippi. - Philippi : p.74 pl. 8; fig. 21
1896 Ancillaria sp. tumorifera Hupé. - Möricke : p.572
1907 Oliva tumorifera Hupé. - Ihering : p.514
1966 Oliva claneophila Duclós. - Klappenbach : p.77
1972 Olivancillaria (Lintricula) tumorifera Hupé. - Watters & Fleming : p.398 fig. 6t, w
1979 Olivancillaria tumorifera Hupé. - Tavera : p.90 pl. 16; fig. 43
2004 Olivancillaria claneophila Duclós. - Nielsen : p.89 fig. 2-7, 14-18
2007 Olivancillaria claneophila Duclós. - Finger et al. : fig. 12G
2008 Olivancillaria claneophila Duclós. - Griffin & Nielsen : pl. 24; fig. 10-11
Was used in synonym list of:

Duclos,P.L.. (1835):
Histoire naturelle génerale et particulière de tous les genres de coquilles univalves marines a l’état vivant et fossile, publiée par monographies; ou description et clasification méthodique de toutes les espèces connues jusque a ce jour, representées en couleur avec la figure et l’anatomie d’un assez grand nombre de mollusques nouvellement decouverts. Genre Oliva. p. 1-33

Duclos,M.. (1846):
G. Oliva. Oliva Lamarck,.
In: Illustrations Conchyliologiques. III. Univalves Marins 2(1) Eds: Chenu, -.J.. p. 31 (36 Taf.)

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Klappenbach,M.A.. (1966):
Olivancillaria vesica (Gmelin, 1791) has priority over Olivancillaria auricularia (Lamarck, 1810) . Archiv für Molluskenkunde Vol. 95 p. 75-77

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Contributions to the geology and paleontology of Chiloe Island, southern Chile . Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. London, B Vol. 263 p. 369-408

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Nielsen,S.N.. (2004):
The genus Olivancillaria (Gastropoda, Olividae) in the Miocene of Chile: rediscovery of a senior synonym and description of a new species . The Nautilus Vol. 118 p. 88-92

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Griffin,M.. and Nielsen,S.N.. (2008):
A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology

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