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Pectunculus colchaguensis Hupé 1854 from: Griffin, M..Nielsen, S.N.. (2008): A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
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Species Pectunculus colchaguensis Hupé 1854

Discussion / Comments:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
TYPE MATERIAL. The holotype is housed in the Typothèque of the Laboratoire de Géologie under number MNHN-Gg2002/54. REMARKS. According to Frassinetti & Covacevich (1984), the specimen available to Hupé was a juvenile. They also remarked that this species is restricted to the Navidad Formation (Navidad Member) in the area surrounding Navidad. They assumed that the material described by Philippi as Pectunculus colchaguensis (a name well established since in the literature) was identical to Hupé’s. They incorrectly assumed that the type material was lost (unknown, in their words) so they designated specimen SGO.PI.4156 as the neotype. Such a nomenclatural action cannot be upheld as d’Orbigny’s holotype still exists. In any event, the new species Glycymeris taverai Frassinetti & Covacevich (1984, p. 116-118, figs 8-22) is actually closer to the holotype of Glycmeris colchaguensis than the specimens they (Frassinetti & Covacevich 1984, p. 112-114, figs 2-7) referred to Hupé’s species. The latter have more circular shells and the ornamentation seems to be finer too. Unfortunately, the holotype of Glycymeris colchaguensis is a closed shell so the interior is not available for comparison; the two taxa illustrated by Frassineti and Covacevich appear to show differences in the hinge area and internal margins.
Synonym list:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
1854 Pectunculus colchaguensis Hupé. - Hupé : p.302
? 1887 Pectunculus colchaguensis Hupé. - Philippi : p.184 pl. 37; fig. 8
1979 Pectunculus colchaguensis Hupé. - Tavera : p.86 pl. 15; fig. 33
1984 Glycymeris (Glycymeris) colchaguensis Hupé. - Frassinetti & Covacevich : p.112 fig. 2-7
2008 Glycymeris colchaguensis Hupé. - Griffin & Nielsen : pl. 3; fig. 15-17

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Frassinetti,D.. and Covacevich,V.. (1984):
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Griffin,M.. and Nielsen,S.N.. (2008):
A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology

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