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Pectunculus paytensis d'Orbigny 1842 from: Griffin, M..Nielsen, S.N.. (2008): A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
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Species Pectunculus paytensis d'Orbigny 1842

Discussion / Comments:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
TYPE MATERIAL. There are four syntypes in the Typothèque of the Laboratoire de Paléontologie in the MNHN in Paris, under number MNHN-A13913. REMARKS. All four syntypes are small, badly decorticated shells in which the ligament area can be seen. The ornamentation is largely missing, but what is left suggests very weak flat radial ribs. There is no articulated pair to match d’Orbigny’s plate 15, figure 13, but it is clear that figures 11 and 12 are based on the largest two of the syntypes. The name Pectunculus paytensis apparently has been overlooked in all subsequent works, as it does not even appear in synonymy lists.
Synonym list:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
1832 Pectunculus ovatus Broderip. - Broderip : p.126
1842 Pectunculus paytensis d'Orbigny. - d'Orbigny : p.129 pl. 15; fig. 11-13
1843 Pectunculus ovatus Broderip. - Reeve : pl. 1; fig. 2 (Pectunculus)
1843 Pectunculus intermedius Broderip. - Reeve : pl. 1; fig. 1 (Pectunculus)
1896 Pectunculus aff. intermedius Broderip. - Möricke : p.582 pl. 12; fig. 3, 4
sic! 1922 Glycymeris ovata Broderip. - Bosworth : pl. 25; fig. 3, 4
1960 Glycymeris ovatus Broderip. - Stuardo : p.136 fig. 1-6 (synonymy)
1969 Glycymeris ovata Broderip. - Herm : p.100 pl. 2; fig. 3, 4
1984 Glycymeris (Glycymeris) ovata Broderip. - Frassinetti & Covacevich : p.114 fig. 23, 37-40
2008 Glycymeris ovata Broderip. - Griffin & Nielsen : pl. 12; fig. 4-5

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Griffin,M.. and Nielsen,S.N.. (2008):
A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology

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