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Naefia neogaeia Wetzel 1930 from: Ifrim, C..Stinnesbeck, W..López-Oliva, J.G.. (2004): Maastrichtian cephalopods from Cerralvo, north-eastern Mexico . Palaeontology Vol. 47(6) p. 1575–1627
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Species Naefia neogaeia Wetzel 1930

[1] Text-fig. 2a-b Ifrim et al.(2004)

Diagnosis / Definition:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Description. The present material consists of small isolated camerae with almost circular cross sections (height to breadth ratio of 1·02), maximum diameters of 8·8 -1 O·5 mm, and a marginally ventral position of the siphuncle. Faint longitudinal striation is present on the dorsal side of the camerae. Septal sutures are nearly straight with the exception of a small ventral lobe (Text-fig. 2A, B2). The phragmocone was apparently orthoconic with an apical angle of less than 10 degrees.
Discussion / Comments:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Remarks: Although fragmentary, the material described above is almost indistinguishable from Naejia neogaeia Wetzel in the overall form of the camerae, dimensions, whorl section, position of siphuncle and presence of a small ventral lobe. Occurrence: The type material of Naefia neogaeia is from the Upper Maastrichtian Quiriquina Formation of central Chile (WetzelI930; Stinnesbeck 1986, 1996). In addition, the species is known from the Campanian-Maastrichtian of southern India (Doyle 1986), Antarctica (Stilwell and Zinsmeister 1987), California (Jeletzky in Hewitt et al. 1991) and the Upper Santonian-Lower Campanian of Japan (Hewitt et al. 1991). The Mexican specimens described here are the first to be found outside the Indopacific hemisphere.
Synonym list:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
1930 Naefia neogaeia Wetzel. - Wetzel : p.92 pl. 14, fig. 3
1986 Naefia aff. neogaeia Wetzel. - DOYLE : p.134 figs. 1-4 (with aditional synonymy)
2004 Naefia neogaeia Wetzel. - Ifrim et al. : p.5 text-fig. 2a-b
Stratigraphy - relative ages:
upper Santonian - upper Maastrichtian: Ifrim et al. (2004)

Wetzel,W.. (1930):
Die Quiriquina-Schichten als Sediment und paläontologisches Archiv . Palaeontographica Vol. 73 p. 49-104

DOYLE,P.. (1986):
Naefia (Coleoidea) from the late Cretaceous of southern India . Bulletin ofthe British Museum (Natural History) Geology Vol. 40 p. 133-139

Ifrim,C..; Stinnesbeck,W.. and López-Oliva,J.G.. (2004):
Maastrichtian cephalopods from Cerralvo, north-eastern Mexico . Palaeontology Vol. 47(6) p. 1575–1627

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