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Saghalinites wrighti Birkelund 1965 from: Ward, P.D..Kennedy, W.J.. (1993): Maastrichtian Ammonites from the Biscay Region (France, Spain) . Memoir (The Paleontological Society), Journal of Paleontology34 (Supplement to Vol. 67)(5) p. 1-58
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Species Saghalinites wrighti Birkelund 1965

Diagnosis / Definition:
Ward & Kennedy (1993):
Description. - Coiling very evolute, with umbilicus comprising just under half diameter, whorls overlapping slightly and expanding slowly. Umbilical wall flattened and inclined outward, flanks broadly rounded, ventrolateral shoulders narrowly rounded, venter broad, feebly concave with weak rounded ridges at juncture of ventrolateral shoulder and venter. Ornament consists of strongly prorsiradiate growth lines and striae, straight on inner and middle flank, but flexed back and concave on outer flank and ventrolateral shoulder. Feeble siphonal ridge may be present.
Discussion / Comments:
Ward & Kennedy (1993):
Type.- Holotype is No. 9747 in the collections of the Mineralogical Museum, Copenhagen, the original of Birkelund, 1965, P1. 2, fig. 15, text-fig. 19, from Maastrichtian concretions in Paleocene conglomerate at Nugssuaq, west Greenland. Discussion. - Saghalinites wrighti, topotypes of which are shown in Figure 20.1-20.3, is closest to S. cala (Forbes, 1846) (see Kennedy and Klinger, 1977b, p. 168, text-figs. 10A, B; 1 1 A, B; 12D-G; 13A, B, E-K, ?C-D; 14A-F; 1 5A-F) from which it differs in having straight rather than flexuous constrictions. Saghalinites n. sp. of Birkelund (1979, p. 53; 1982, p. 15) from the upper Maastrichtian of Kunrade, the Netherlands, and north Jylland, Denmark, is much more evolute, with much stronger constrictions. Occurrence.- In the Biscay sections this taxon ranges from the middle of Member I (lower Maastrichtian) to near the top of Member IV (upper Maastrichtian). A fragment of an ammonite possibly referable to this taxon has been collected from the last meter of Member V at Hendaye. Birkelund (1982, p. 16) stated that the Greenland, north German, and Danish occurrences are all around the lower-upper Maastrichtian bound ary in a boreal sense. The species also occurs in the lower Maastrichtian of Steiermark, Austria.

 Ordo Ammonoidea
  Subordo Lytoceratina
   Superfamilia Tetragonitaceae
    Familia Tetragonitidae
     Genus Saghalinites
      Species Saghalinites wrighti
Synonym list:
Ward & Kennedy (1993):
1965 Saghalinites wrighti Birkelund. - BIRKELUND : p.30 pl. 1, fig. 5; pl. 2, fig. 1-5; pl. 3, fig. 1; text-fig. 14-25
1986 Saghalinites wrighti Birkelund. - Kennedy & Summesberger : p.186 pl. 1, fig. 4, 5, 7; pl. 3, fig. 4; text-fig. 3 (with full synonymy)
1993 Saghalinites wrighti Birkelund. - Ward & Kennedy : p. 20, 22 fig. 19.3, 19.4, 19.8, 19.12, 20.1-20.3
Stratigraphy - relative ages:
upper Maastrichtian - lower Maastrichtian: Ward & Kennedy (1993)
Collection of the Mineralogical Museum - Copenhagen, Inventory number: No. 9747

BIRKELUND,T.. (1965):
Ammonites from the Upper Cretaceous of West Greenland . Meddeleser om Gronland Vol. 179 p. 1-192

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Lower Maastrichtian ammonites from Neuberg, Steirmark, Austria: . Beiträge zur Paläontologie von Österreich Vol. 12 p. 181–242

Ward,P.D.. and Kennedy,W.J.. (1993):
Maastrichtian Ammonites from the Biscay Region (France, Spain) . Memoir (The Paleontological Society), Journal of Paleontology34 (Supplement to Vol. 67)(5) p. 1-58

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