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Species Globorotalia mendacis Blow 1969

Alternative name:
Globorotalia (Turborotalia) mendacis Blow 1969

 Superregnum Eukaryota
  Regnum Protoctista
   Phylum Ciliophora
    Subphylum Postciliodesmatophora
     Ordo Globigerinida
      Superfamilia Globorotaliaceae
       Superfamilia Nonionacea
        Familia Globorotaliidae
         Genus Globorotalia
          Species Globorotalia mendacis
Stratigraphy - absolute ages:
FAD: 23.8 ± 0 [Ma], Berggren et al. (1995) DSDP Leg 72 Site 516

Berggren,W.A.; Kent,D.V.; Swisher,C.C. and Aubry,M.P. (1995):
A revised Cenozoic Geochronology and Chronostratigraphy.
In: Geochronology Time Scales and Global Stratigraphic Correlation, SEPM Special Publication Vol. 54

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