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Species Morozovella spinulosa Cushman 1927

Discussion / Comments:
Toumarkine & Luterbacher (1985):
Several relatively small spinose Morozovella species with delicate to robust conicotruncate tests and a faint to distinct 'keel' occur during the Middle Eocene and have been described under a variety of names. Many of these forms have been assigned to Globorotalia spinulosa. The poorly figured holotype of Morozovella spinulosa is a small and very delicate form with a faint 'keel' (H. M. Bolli, personal communication). The more robust forms with a strongly convex umbilical side and sometimes slightly overlapping chambers which increase rapidly in size in the last whorl are here excluded from M. spinulosa. Probably, they are transitional forms to M. aragonensis or may even belong to Truncorotaloides. However, the taxonomic status of the Middle Eocene Morozovella species needs revision. Some authors (e.g. Berggren, 1977) consider Pulvinulina crassata Cushman, 1925d (Fig. 30.9) from which Bandy (1964) selected and illustrated a lectotype (Fig. 30.10), as a senior synonym of M. spinulosa. Blow (1979) noted that the holotype has been lost and proposed that the name Pulvinulina crassata should be removed from the list of valid zoological names and that the name 'spinulosa' should be used. He distinguished two subspecies: M. spinulosa spinulosa and M. spinulosa coronata (Figs. 30.11-12) which has a more widely open umbilicus surrounded by a 'coronet of muricae'. We do not differentiate between these two varieties. M. spinulosa differs from M. aragonensis in being more delicate, smaller, more loosely coiled, more spinose and in having a less convex umbilical side. M. lehneri has radially elongate chambers.

 Superregnum Eukaryota
  Regnum Protoctista
   Phylum Ciliophora
    Subphylum Postciliodesmatophora
     Ordo Globigerinida
      Superfamilia Globorotaliaceae
       Superfamilia Nonionacea
        Familia Truncorotaloididae
         Genus Morozovella
          Species Morozovella spinulosa

  Classis Foraminifera
   Genus Morozovella
    Species Morozovella spinulosa
Synonym list:
Toumarkine & Luterbacher (1985):
1927 Globorotalia spinulosa Cushman. - Cushman : p.114 pl 23 figs 4a-c (type reference)
1985 Morozovella spinulosa Cushman. - Toumarkine & Luterbacher : p.131 figs 30.1-8
Was used in synonym list of:
Morozovelloides crassatus Cushman 1925

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Blow,W.H. (1979):
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Toumarkine,M. and Luterbacher,H.P. (1985):
Paleocene and Eocene Planktic Foraminifera.
In: Plankton Stratigraphy p. 87-154

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