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Species Praehedbergella gaultina Morozova 1948

Discussion / Comments:
Moullade et al. (2002):
Our recent observations concerning material from Site 1049 of Leg ODP 171B show that early– middle Albian sub-homeomorphs of Hedbergella planispira, which are very similar to the typical late Albian–Cenomanian form of Tappan (1940) in many morphological aspects, differ from it in being smaller and, especially, in having a microperforate, instead of macroperforate, test.
Synonym list:
Moullade et al. (2002):
1896 Globigerina cretacea d'Orbigny. - Chapman : 123, 124 pl 13 figs 5,6
1948 Globigerina gaultina Morozova. - Morozova : p.41 figs 16-18
1949 Globigerina globigerinellinoides Subbotina. - Subbotina : p.32 pl 2 figs 11-16
non 1953 Globigerina gaultina Morozova. - Subbotina : pl 1figs 1-4
p 1959 Praeglobotruncana modesta Bolli. - Bolli : p.267 (pro parte: Albian forms only)
non 1966 Ticinella gaultina Morozova. - Sigal : p.209
p 1966 Hedbergella (Hedbergella) planispira Tappan. - Moullade : p.93 pl 8 figs 4,5 (pro parte: lower/mid Albian forms only)
p 1974 Hedbergella planispira Tappan. - Longoria : 64, 65 (pro parte)
sic! non 1979 Hedbergella globigerinelloides Subbotina. - Sigal : pl 4 figs 3,4
1997 Globigerina globigerinelloides Subbotina. - Boudagher-Fadel et al. : p.209 [recte: Blefusciana]

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