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Species Ostrea transitoria Hupé 1854

Alternative name:
Ostrea (Ostrea) transitoria Hupé 1854
Discussion / Comments:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
TYPE MATERIAL. There are 21 syntypes of this nominal species in the Collection of the Laboratoire de Géologie in the MNHN in Paris, under numbers MNHN-Gg2002/90. As discussed under Ostrea rostrata, syntypes of this latter species might be included in these 21 syntypes. REMARKS. This species is based on juveniles of Ostrea maxima but O. maxima is a junior primary homonym of O. maxima Linnaeus, 1758 so O. transitoria must be used for this species. See entries under maxima Hupé, 1854 [Ostrea] and rostrata Hupé, 1854 [Ostrea] herein.
Synonym list:
Griffin & Nielsen (2008):
1854 Ostrea transitoria Hupé. - Hupé : p.283 pl. 4; fig. 3
1896 Ostrea transitoria Hupé. - Möricke : p.576
1969 Ostrea (Ostrea) transitoria Hupé. - Herm : p.113 pl. 7; fig. 5-6
2008 Crassostrea transitoria Hupé. - Griffin & Nielsen : pl. 16; fig. 11
Was used in synonym list of:
Ostrea maxima Hupé 1854

Hupé,H.. (1854):
Malacología y conquiliología..
In: Historia física y política de Chile Vol. 8 Eds: Gay, C.. p. 449

Möricke,W.. (1896):
Versteinerungen der Tertiärformationen von Chile . N. Jb. Min. Geol. Paläont. Beilage Vol. 10 p. 548-612

Herm,D. (1969):
Marines Pliozän und Pleistozän in Nord- und Mittel-Chile unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Entwicklung der Mollusken-Faunen . Zitteliana Vol. 2 p. 159

Griffin,M.. and Nielsen,S.N.. (2008):
A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d’Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846), and Hupé (1854) . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology

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