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Species Naefia neogaeia Wetzel 1930

[1] Text-fig. 2a-b Ifrim et al.(2004)

Diagnosis / Definition:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Description. The present material consists of small isolated camerae with almost circular cross sections (height to breadth ratio of 1·02), maximum diameters of 8·8 -1 O·5 mm, and a marginally ventral position of the siphuncle. Faint longitudinal striation is present on the dorsal side of the camerae. Septal sutures are nearly straight with the exception of a small ventral lobe (Text-fig. 2A, B2). The phragmocone was apparently orthoconic with an apical angle of less than 10 degrees.
Discussion / Comments:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Remarks: Although fragmentary, the material described above is almost indistinguishable from Naejia neogaeia Wetzel in the overall form of the camerae, dimensions, whorl section, position of siphuncle and presence of a small ventral lobe. Occurrence: The type material of Naefia neogaeia is from the Upper Maastrichtian Quiriquina Formation of central Chile (WetzelI930; Stinnesbeck 1986, 1996). In addition, the species is known from the Campanian-Maastrichtian of southern India (Doyle 1986), Antarctica (Stilwell and Zinsmeister 1987), California (Jeletzky in Hewitt et al. 1991) and the Upper Santonian-Lower Campanian of Japan (Hewitt et al. 1991). The Mexican specimens described here are the first to be found outside the Indopacific hemisphere.

 Subclassis Coleoidea
  Ordo Sepiida
   Familia Groenlandibelidja
    Genus Naefia
     Species Naefia neogaeia
Synonym list:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
1930 Naefia neogaeia Wetzel. - Wetzel : p.92 pl. 14, fig. 3
1986 Naefia aff. neogaeia Wetzel. - DOYLE : p.134 figs. 1-4 (with aditional synonymy)
2004 Naefia neogaeia Wetzel. - Ifrim et al. : p.5 text-fig. 2a-b
Stratigraphy - relative ages:
upper Santonian - upper Maastrichtian: Ifrim et al. (2004)

Wetzel,W.. (1930):
Die Quiriquina-Schichten als Sediment und paläontologisches Archiv . Palaeontographica Vol. 73 p. 49-104

DOYLE,P.. (1986):
Naefia (Coleoidea) from the late Cretaceous of southern India . Bulletin ofthe British Museum (Natural History) Geology Vol. 40 p. 133-139

Ifrim,C..; Stinnesbeck,W.. and López-Oliva,J.G.. (2004):
Maastrichtian cephalopods from Cerralvo, north-eastern Mexico . Palaeontology Vol. 47(6) p. 1575–1627

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