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Species Tetragonites superstes Hoepen 1921

[1] Text-fig. 3E-G Ifrim et al. (2004) [2] pl. 1, figs. 5-8 Ifrim et al. (2004)

Diagnosis / Definition:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Description: Small and involute speeies with a moderate expansion rate. The whorl seetion is subreetangular to subelliptieal with maximum whorl breadth below midflank. The umbilieus is 0·24-0·31 of the shell diameter, rather deep, with a subvertieal wall and previous whorls visible. The umbilieal shoulder is abruptly rounded. The flanks are gently rounded to parallel and grade into broadly rounded eonvergent ventrolateral shoulders. Venter flattened. From a diameter of c. 15mm on some speeimens show faint grooves on the ventral margins that parallel a faint ridge on eaeh umbilieal shoulder. Internal moulds are smooth, but faint prorsiradiate growth striae are visible on internal whorls. The suture line has a large asymmetrie trifid first lateral saddle (EIL), a smaller trifid seeond lateral saddle (LlU2), and a suspensive lobe with a large trifid first auxiliary saddle. The first lateral lobe (L) is large and irregularly subdivided. The first of the four auxiliary lobes is trifid. These features are displayed through all growth stages documented here, but their dimensions and grades of ineision inerease eonsiderably.
Discussion / Comments:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Remarks: Tetragonites superstes resembles T. epigonus (Kossmat, 1895), but is less involute and less expanded during growth. According to Kennedy and Klinger (1977), T. popetensis (Yabe, 1903) is another species with similar morphology. lt ranges from the Campanian to the Maastrichtian, and is known from California and Japan. However, this species differs by the presence of constrictions that are marked clearly on the shell. All other Tetragonites species are ornamented by distant ribs or constrictions. Occurrence: Tetragonites superstes van Hoepen has only been described from the Upper Santonian or Lower Campanian of South Africa (Kennedy and Klinger 1977) and Lower-Middle Campanian of Madagascar (Collignon 1956).

 Ordo Ammonoidea
  Subordo Lytoceratina
   Superfamilia Tetragonitaceae
    Familia Tetragonitidae
     Subfamilia Tetragonitinae
      Genus Tetragonites
       Species Tetragonites superstes
Synonym list:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
1921 Tetragonites superstes Hoepen. - Hoepen : p.10 pl. 2, figs. 17-20; text-fig. 6
1921 Tetragonites cf. epigonum Spath. - Spath : p.41
1922 Tetragonites superstes Hoepen. - Spath : p.119 pl. 6, fig. 6
1956 Epigoniceras superstes Hoepen. - COLLIGNON : p.87 pl. 11, fig. 3a-b
1969 Tetragonites superstes Hoepen. - COLLIGNON : p.17 pl. 517, fig. 2034
1977 Tetragonites superstes Hoepen. - Kennedy & KLINGER : p.162 figs. 7a-d, h-j. 8, 12a-c
2004 Tetragonites superstes Hoepen. - Ifrim et al. : 11, 7 pl. 1, figs. 5-8; Text-fig. 3e-g
Stratigraphy - relative ages:
middle Campanian - upper Santonian: Ifrim et al. (2004)

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