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Species Menuites juv. Ifrim 2004

[1] text-fig. 8g-h Ifrim et al. (2004) [2] pl. 2, figs. 1-3 Ifrim et al. (2004)

Diagnosis / Definition:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Description: All specimens are juveniles. Their tests are globularly inflated, depressed (WBIWH is between 1·5 and 1·8) and involute. The umbilicus spans e. 20 per cent of the diameter but decreases during growth of tbe shell. The umbilical wall is overhanging and forms an approximate half circle between umbilical seam and flank. The flanks are reduced because the venter arches very widely. Maximum whorl breadtb is located at the transition between umbilical wall and flank. The surfaces of most ofthe internal moulds are smooth, but faint bullae (e. 10 per whorl) are present on some of the larger specimens. The suture line is moderately incised with E larger tban L. U is small and slightly retracted.
Discussion / Comments:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Remarks: The only documentation of equally small growth stages was by Henderson and McNamara (1985, pl. 8, figs 5-6), but their specimen of Menuites Jresvillensis expands at a slightly larger rate. Relationships to other species were discussed there and in Kennedy (1986b). On the basis of this poor documentation of early juvenile growth stages of Menuites OUf species is indeterminable.

 Ordo Ammonoidea
  Subordo Ammonitina
   Superfamilia Desmocerataceae
    Species Menuites juv.
Synonym list:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
2004 Menuites sp. juv. Ifrim. - Ifrim et al. : 23, 20 pl. 2, figs. 1-3, text-fig. 8g-h

Ifrim,C..; Stinnesbeck,W.. and López-Oliva,J.G.. (2004):
Maastrichtian cephalopods from Cerralvo, north-eastern Mexico . Palaeontology Vol. 47(6) p. 1575–1627

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