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Species Solenoceras texanum Shumard 1861

[1] text-fig. 15d-e Ifrim et al (2004)

Diagnosis / Definition:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Description: Two straight limbs with low expansion are pressed onto each other so that the whorl section of the test is compressed oval. The juvenile straight shell is slender and inflated triangular in whorl section. The venter is widely arched and grades into convex, convergent flanks that bend into the convex dorsum. The juvenile shaft is embedded in a concave groove in the adult dorsum. The surface is covered with simple sharp ribs (rib index c. 5). They are almost straight and bear pairs of tubercles on the ventral side. On the flanks of juvenile shafts they are slightly prorsiradiate. On the hook, ribs split into pairs to accommodate the increasing surface. They also change from prorsiradiate to a rursiradiate direction joining the two limbs. The whorl section increases considerably subsequent to the hook. The suture line is visible in parts and rather simple.
Discussion / Comments:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
Remarks: This species is characterized by having stronger ribs and a lower rib index than S. reesidei. According to Cobban and Kennedy (l991a, 1993a) the ribs are stronger than in S. reesidei and other species of Solenoceras. Occurrence: Solenoceras texanum is known from the Upper Campanian of Israel (Lewy 1969), the ?Maastrichtian of South Africa (Klinger 1976), and the Campanian Coon Creek Tongue of the Ripley Formation in Tennessee (Cobban and Kennedy 1993a). It was also recorded from the Upper Campanian and Lower Maastrichtian of the Nacatotch Sand of Texas (Stephenson 1941; Cobban and Kennedy 1991a). A fragment best referred to S. texanum comes from the Saratoga Chalk, Arkansas (Kennedy and Cobban 1993b).

 Ordo Ammonoidea
  Subordo Ancyloceratina
   Superfamilia Turrilitaceae
    Familia Diplomoceratidae
     Subfamilia Polyptychoceratinae
      Genus Solenoceras
       Species Solenoceras texanum
Synonym list:
Ifrim et al. (2004):
1861 Ptychoceras texanus Shumard. - Shumard : p.189
1941 Solenoceras texanum Shumard. - Stephenson : p.399 pl. 77, figs. 4-5; pl. 79, figs. 1-4
1969 Solenoceras cf. texanum Shumard. - LEWY : p.127 pl. 3, fig. 8
1976 Solenoceras sp. cf. texanum Shumard. - KLINGER : p.77 pl. 34, fig. 7
1991 Solenoceras texanum Shumard. - Cobban & Kennedy : C3 pl. 1, figs. 1-6
1993 Solenoceras texanum Shumard. - Cobban & Kennedy : B6 pl. 7, figs. 10, 16-17, 19-24, 26-28, 30-31 (with full synonymy)
2004 Solenoceras texanum Shumard. - Ifrim et al. : p.36 text-fig. 15d-e
Stratigraphy - relative ages:
? Maastrichtian, lower Maastrichtian - upper Campanian: Ifrim et al. (2004)

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