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Species archived from: Kennedy, W.J.. (1986): The ammonite fauna of the Calcaire Baculites (Upper Maastrichtian) of the Cotentin Peninsula (Manche, France) . Palaeontology Vol. 29(1) p. 25-83
Acanthoscaphites verneuilianus
Anapachydiscus fresvillensis
Baculites anceps
Baculites vertebralis
Diplomoceras cylindraceum
Glyptoxoceras sp.
Hoplitoplacenticeras lasfresnayanum
Hoploscaphites constrictus
Hoploscaphites sp.
Pachydiscus (Neodesmoceras) mokotibense
Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus)
Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) gollevillensis
Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) jacquoti