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Species Globorotalia pseudobulloides Plummer 1926

Alternative name:
Globorotalia (Globorotalia) pseudobulloides Plummer 1926
Globorotalia (Turborotalia) pseudobulloides Plummer 1926
Diagnosis / Definition:
Bolli (1957):
Shape of test very low trochospiral, biconvex, moderately compressed. Equatorial periphery lobate. Axial periphery rounded. Wall calcareous, perforate, surface smooth. Chambers moderately compressed; 12 15, arranged in 2 2 1/2 whorls. The 5 chambers of the last whorl increase fairly rapidly in size. Sutures on spiral side curved, less so in the last chambers, depressed; on umbilical side radial, depressed. Umbilicus fairly narrow, open. Aperture a low arch with a lip; interiomarginal, extraumbilical umbilical. Coiling random in the Globorotalia trinidadensis and Globorotalia uncinata zones. A preference for dextral coiling (up to 75 percent) develops in the Globorotalia pusilla pusilla zone. Largest diameter of figured hypotype 0.35 min.
Discussion / Comments:
Bolli (1957):
Because of the interiomarginal, extraumbilical umbilical position of the aperture, pseudobulloides is removed from Globigerina to Globorotalia. The Globigerina pseudobulloides described and figured by Bronnimann (1952) from the upper Lizard Springs

 Genus Globorotalia
  Species Globorotalia pseudobulloides
   Species Globorotalia quadrata
    Species Globorotalia trinidadensis
     Species Globorotalia velascoensis
Synonym list:
Bolli (1957):
1926 Globigerina pseudobulloides Plummer. - Plummer : pp. 133-134 pl. 8, figs. 9a-c
1928 Globigerina cretacea d'Orbigny. - White : pp. 193-194 pl. 27, figs. 15a-b
1957 Globorotalia pseudobulloides Plummer. - Bolli : pl. 17, figs. 19-21
Was used in synonym list of:
Parasubbotina pseudobulloides Plummer 1926
Praemurica inconstans Subbotina 1953
Praemurica pseudoinconstans Hemleben et al. 1979

Plummer,H.J. (1926):
Foraminifera of the Midway Formation in Texas . University of Texas Bulletin Vol. 2644(1) p. 1-206

White,M.P. (1928):
Some index foraminifera of the Tampico embayment of Mexico, Part 2 . Journal of Paleontology Vol. 2(4) p. 280-313

Bolli,H.M. (1957):
The genera Globigerina and Globorotalia in the Paleocene-Lower Eocene Lizard Springs Formation of Trinidad, B.W.I . Bulletin of the U.S. National Museum Vol. 215 p. 61-82

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