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Species Paragloborotalia kugleri Bolli 1957

Discussion / Comments:
Chaisson & Leckie (1993):
Similar species: Paragloborotalia kugleri differs from P. pseudokugleri in having a subrounded to subangular peripheral margin, a nearly flat dorsal side, and curved dorsal sutures. P. kugleri is smaller than P. mayeri, and it has a lower arched aperture and subangular peripheral margin. Globorotalia peripheroronda tends to be more oblate, have fewer chambers, and have a more biconvex equatorial outline.
Synonym list:
Chaisson & Leckie (1993):
1957 Globorotalia kugleri Bolli. - Bolli : p.118 pl. 28; fig. 5a-b
1983 Globorotalia kugleri Bolli. - Kennett & Srinivasan : p.94 pl. 21; fig. 1 and 3-5
1991 Paragloborotalia kugleri Bolli. - Spezzaferri : p.317 pl. 1, fig. 5a-c; pl. 2, fig. 1a-d and 2a-d
1993 Paragloborotalia kugleri Bolli. - Chaisson & Leckie : p.171 pl. 3; fig. 16-18

Bolli,H.M. (1957):
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Evolution and taxonomy of the Paragloborotalia kugleri (Bolli) lineage . J. Foraminiferal Res. Vol. 21 p. 313-318

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High-Resolution Planktonic Foraminifer Biostratigraphy of Site 806, Ontong Java Plateau (Western Equatorial Pacific).
In: Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results Vol. 130 Eds: Berger, W.H.Kroenke, L.W..Mayer, al. p. 137-178

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