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Species archived from: Moullade, M.Bellier, J.P.Tronchetti, G. (2002): Hierarchy of criteria, evolutionary processes and taxonomic simplification in the classification of Lower Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera . Cretaceous Research Vol. 23 p. 111-148
Biticinella breggiensis
Blowiella blowi
Blowiella caseyi
Blowiella saundersi
Blowiella solida
Globigerinelloides algerianus
Globigerinelloides aptiensis
Globigerinelloides barri
Globigerinelloides ferreolensis
Hedbergella almadenensis
Hedbergella planispira
Hedbergella rischi
Hedbergella trocoidea
Hedbergella yezoana
Planohedbergella bentonensis
Planomalina buxtorfi
Planomalina pulchella
Praehedbergella bizonae
Praehedbergella eocretacea
Praehedbergella gaultina
Praehedbergella infracretacea
Praehedbergella kuznetsovae
Praehedbergella longorii
Praehedbergella praetrocoidea
Praehedbergella roblesae
Praehedbergella sigali
Praehedbergella tuschepsensis
Pseudoplanomalina cheniourensis
Schackoina cabri
Schackoina cenomana
Sckackoina reicheli
Ticinella eubejaouaensis
Ticinella roberti