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Species archived from: Banner, F.T.Desai, D. (1988): A review and revision of the Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Globigerinina, with special reference to the Aptian assemblages of Speeton (North Yorkshire, England) . J. micropalaeontol. Vol. 7(2) p. 143-185
Ascoliella scotiensis
Blefuscuiana aptiana
Blefuscuiana aptica
Blefuscuiana globigerinelloides
Blefuscuiana globigerinelloides lobulata
Blefuscuiana gorbachikae
Blefuscuiana kuznetsovae
Blefuscuiana mitra
Blefuscuiana multicamerata
Blefuscuiana occulta
Blefuscuiana occulta quinquecamerata
Blefuscuiana speetonensis
Blowiella blowi
Blowiella duboisi
Blowiella gottisi
Blowiella maridalensis
Blowiella saundersi
Conoglobigerina stellaporis
Favusella hoterivica
Favusella tardita
Favusella tardita quadricamerata
Favusella washitensis
Globuligerina bathoniana
Globuligerina calloviense
Globuligerina oxfordiana
Gorbachikella kugleri
Leupoldina cabri
Lilliputianella bizonae
Lilliputianella globulifera
Lilliputianella kuhryi
Lilliputianella longorii
Lilliputianella maslakovae
Lilliputianella similis
Praehedbergella grigelisae
Praehedbergella tatianae