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Species archived from: Pflaumann, U.Krasheninnikov, V.. (1977): Early Cretaceous planktonic foraminifers from eastern North Atlantic, DSDP Leg 41 . In: Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project 41 , Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to Malaga, Spain, February-April 1975 Eds: Gardner, J..Herring, J.. p. 539-564
Caucasella hoterivica
Clavihedbergella moremani
Clavihedbergella subdigitata
Globigerinelloides aptiensis
Globigerinelloides bentonensis
Globigerinelloides blowi
Globigerinelloides caseyi
Globigerinelloides ferreolensis
Globigerinelloides gottisi
Globigerinelloides gyroidinaeformis
Globigerinelloides ultramicrus
Gubkinella graysonensis
Hedbergella delrioensis
Hedbergella globigerinelloides
Hedbergella gorbatschikae
Hedbergella infracretacea
Hedbergella labocaensis
Hedbergella maslakovae
Hedbergella occulta
Hedbergella planispira
Hedbergella semielongata
Hedbergella sigali
Hedbergella similis
Hedbergella simplicissima
Hedbergella trocoidea
Loeblichella convexa
Praeglobotruncana delrioensis
Rotalipora apenninica
Rotalipora subticinensis
Rotalipora ticinensis
Schackoina cenomana
Ticinella bejaouaensis
Ticinella breggiensis
Ticinella praeticinensis
Ticinella primula
Ticinella raynaudi aperta
Ticinella raynaudi digitalis
Ticinella raynaudi raynaudi
Ticinella roberti
Ticinella transitoria