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Species archived from: Jenkins, D.G. (1985): Southern mid-latitude Paleocene to Holocene planktic foraminifera. In: Plankton stratigraphy Eds: Bolli, H.M.Saunders, J.B.Perch-Nielsen, K. p. 263-282
Acarinina primitiva
Chiloguembelina cubensis
Globigerina angiporoides
Globigerina brazieri
Globigerina brevis
Globigerina euapertura
Globigerina juvenilis
Globigerina labiacrassata
Globigerina linaperta
Globigerina pauciloculata
Globigerina quinqueloba
Globigerina woodi connecta
Globigerina woodi woodi
Globigerinatheka index
Globorotalia aculeata
Globorotalia conica
Globorotalia conoidea
Globorotalia conomiozea
Globorotalia explicationis
Globorotalia gemma
Globorotalia inconspicua
Globorotalia miozea
Globorotalia munda
Globorotalia semivera
Globorotalia sphericomiozea
Globorotalia zealandica
Globorotaloides testarugosa
Globrotalia miotumida
Hantkenina australis
Jenkinsina samwelli
Morozovella crater
Planorotalites australiformis
Testacarinata inconspicua
Truncorotaloides collactea
Zeauvigerina teuria