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Species archived from: Toumarkine, M.Luterbacher, H.P. (1985): Paleocene and Eocene Planktic Foraminifera. In: Plankton Stratigraphy p. 87-154
Acarinina broedermanni
Acarinina bullbrooki
Acarinina mckannai
Acarinina nitida
Acarinina pentacamerata
Acarinina primitiva
Acarinina soldadoensis angulosa
Acarinina soldadoensis soldadoensis
Acarinina spinuloinflata
Clavigerinella akersi
Clavigerinella colombiana
Clavigerinella eocanica eocanica
Clavigerinella eocanica jarvisi
Cribrohantkenina inflata
Globigerina cryptomphala
Globigerina daubjergensis
Globigerina eocaena
Globigerina eugubina
Globigerina fringa
Globigerina hagni
Globigerina inaequispira
Globigerina lozanoi
Globigerina medizzai
Globigerina senni
Globigerina triloculinoides
Globigerina velascoensis
Globigerinatheka index index
Globigerinatheka index rubriformis
Globigerinatheka index tropicalis
Globigerinatheka mexicana barri
Globigerinatheka mexicana kugleri
Globigerinatheka mexicana mexicana
Globigerinatheka semiinvoluta
Globigerinatheka subconglobata curryi
Globigerinatheka subconglobata euganea
Globigerinatheka subconglobata luterbacheri
Globigerinatheka subconglobata micra
Globigerinatheka subconglobata subconglobata
Globorotalia cerroazulensis cunialensis
Globorotaloides carcoselleensis
Hantkenina alabamensis
Hantkenina dumblei
Hantkenina mexicana
Hantkenina nuttalli
Hantkenina primitiva
Hastigerina bolivariana
Morozovella acuta
Morozovella aequa
Morozovella angulata
Morozovella aragonensis
Morozovella caucasica
Morozovella conicotruncata
Morozovella edgari
Morozovella formosa formosa
Morozovella formosa gracilis
Morozovella inconstans
Morozovella lehneri
Morozovella lensiformis
Morozovella marginodentata
Morozovella praecursoria
Morozovella pseudobulloides
Morozovella quetra
Morozovella spinulosa
Morozovella subbotinae
Morozovella trinidadensis
Morozovella uncinata
Morozovella velascoensis
Orbulinoides beckmanni
Planorotalites chapmani
Planorotalites compressa
Planorotalites palmerae
Planorotalites pseudomenardii
Planorotalites pseudoscitula
Planorotalites pusilla pusilla
Pseudohastigerina micra
Pseudohastigerina naguewichiensis
Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis
Truncorotaloides collactea
Truncorotaloides haynesi
Truncorotaloides libyaensis
Truncorotaloides rohri
Truncorotaloides topilensis
Turborotalia cerroazulensis cerroazulensis
Turborotalia cerroazulensis cocoaensis
Turborotalia cerroazulensis frontosa
Turborotalia cerroazulensis pomeroli
Turborotalia cerroazulensis possagnoensis
Turborotalia griffininae